Digitize your workflow.
Streamline your case management.


Plug into digital automation.

TrusteSolutions, the originator of cloud-based case management software for busy trustees, relentlessly innovates, delivering industry-leading technology that puts you in control of your casework.

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Minimize workload.
Maximize productivity.

From built-in workflow automation to fully-integrated banking, TrusteSolutions streamlines your daily business processes for maximum efficiency, so you click less and accomplish more.

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Make the Switch

Switching case management systems can be daunting, so it is important to understand how we plan and tackle our conversions. The devil is in the detail – so we have created a unique process that ensures a smooth transition without the hassle factor.

Find out the secrets to a quick and easy transition to your next case management provider – TrusteSolutions.

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“TrusteSolutions redefines ‘ease of use’. It makes you a better trustee”

- Randall L. Woodruff
Trustee, Woodruff Law Offices, P.C.


“We have used the competitors. TrusteSolutions is the best”

- TrusteSolutions Customer